Fitness and Wellness in Vacaville: Best Gyms, Yoga Studios, and Health Shops

Greetings, fitness enthusiasts! If you live in Vacaville or plan on visiting soon, this vibrant city has plenty to offer for your wellness journey. Let’s dive into the best gyms, yoga studios, and health shops that Vacaville has to offer. Let’s go!

Best Gyms in Vacaville

Rows of dumbbells in a professional gym.

Of course different gyms fit different needs, but if you’re looking for a great all-around fitness gym, these are our top pics.

Maximum Fitness Vacaville

  • 201 Main St, Vacaville, CA 95688
Maximum fitness gym in downtown Vacaville.

Maximum Fitness is a top-notch fitness center equipped with a broad range of facilities and offers a welcoming environment. With its comprehensive equipment, varied classes, and professional trainers, it caters to every fitness enthusiast. They also have a kids’ club, making it a superb option for families.

In-Shape Health Clubs

  • 3000 Alamo Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687
  • 3446 Browns Valley Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688

In-Shape Health Clubs in Vacaville prides itself on its complete fitness package. With two locations in Vacaville, In-Shape offers everything from resistance machines and free weights to swimming pools and racquetball courts. Add in a great variety of classes, and you’ve got everything you need to stay in shape.

Orangetheory Fitness

  • 2080-B Harbison Drive Vacaville, CA 95687

Orangetheory Fitness offers heart-rate-based group training designed to keep your energy high and burn more calories post-workout. With classes that are a blend of strength and endurance training, this gym provides an exciting, dynamic fitness environment that caters to all levels.

Best Yoga Studios in Vacaville

Four women seated on yoga mats in a yoga studio.

1. YogaMaya Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio

  • 373 Merchant Street, Vacaville, CA 95688

YogaMaya Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio is a haven for yogis who love to sweat it out. They offer a diverse array of hot yoga classes suitable for all levels, designed to cleanse your body and mind. Plus, they also offer wellness therapies for a holistic approach to health.

2. Ebb & Flow Yoga Studio

  • 417 William Street, Vacaville, CA 95688

Ebb & Flow Yoga Studio provides a tranquil environment where you can deepen your yoga practice. They offer a range of yoga styles, from Vinyasa Flow to Restorative Yoga, allowing everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners to find a class that suits them.

3. Yoga Core Fit

  • 187 Butcher Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687

Yoga Core Fit offers a unique blend of yoga, Pilates, and barre classes to help you strengthen, tone, and balance your body. Their instructors are passionate and attentive, making this studio a fantastic place to improve your fitness while nourishing your soul.

Best Health Shops in Vacaville

A blurry set of shelves in a nutrition store with vitamin supplements.

Don’t skip the nutrition! Vacaville has several nutrition stores to purchase protein powder, supplements, vitamins and all the healthy stuff you need on your fitness journey.


  • 196 Nut Tree Pkwy Suite J, Vacaville, CA 95687

NutriShop in Vacaville is your go-to place for all things nutrition. From top-of-the-line supplements to protein powders and more, their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you make the best choices for your health goals.

The Vitamin Shoppe

  • 1615 E Monte Vista Avenue Suite 103, Vacaville, CA 95688
The Vitamin Shoppe in Vacaville

At The Vitamin Shoppe, you’ll find an impressive selection of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and other health-related products. The staff are well-informed and always ready to assist you in finding exactly what you need for your wellness journey.

Sprouts Farmers Market

  • 1041 Helen Power Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687

Sprouts Farmers Market is a one-stop-shop for all your natural, fresh, and organic produce needs. With their affordable pricing on healthier food options, you’ll find it easy to stay on track with your wellness goals.


In conclusion, Vacaville is a hotspot for fitness and wellness, offering a wonderful selection of gyms, yoga studios, and health shops that cater to a wide variety of wellness goals. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, I’m confident you’ll find these fitness and wellness spots as invigorating and beneficial as I do. Grab that gym bag, yoga mat, or shopping tote, and let’s get fit in Vacaville!