An outdoor digital billboard in a city.

Digital Freeway Billboards May Be Coming to Vacaville

You’ve probably seen them in other cities. The classic freeway billboards that display a single advertisement for months are becoming a thing of the past. The modern billboard is an LED display that cycles through multiple advertisements.

How do you feel about the billboards along I-80 in Vacaville being converted to digital?

At the Vacaville Planning Commission meeting on July 18th, Community Developer Director Erin Morris announced the following will be on the agenda for the City Council’s July 25th meeting:

“The Council will be having a study session on digital freeway billboard signs as a result of a proposal from a particular billboard operator to convert some static signs along 80 to digital.”

The Vacaville Municipal Code outlines standards for “freeway signs.” The code allows lots of five acres or more that are within 300 feet from the edge of a freeway to have one “freeway sign.” A quick review of the municipal code didn’t find anything specifically prohibiting digital billboards. No agenda for the upcoming council meeting is available yet.

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