A metal bench at the top of a grassy hill.

Hiking to “The Bench” Above Vacaville

Most hikers in Vacaville know exactly how to get to “The Bench.” Atop a ridge in the Glen Eagle Open Space sits a painted, metal bench that’s been there for years. Make it to the top and you can rest while overlooking the most spectacular view in the city limits.

A view of rolling hills and the City of Vacaville.

The Glen Eagle Open Space is owned by the City of Vacaville and open to the public. The main entrance is at the end of Vaca Valley Parkway, across from Wrentham Drive in Browns Valley. There’s a parking lot (no cost) and access point to get through the fence.

Signs posted in an empty parking lot.

The hike to the top of the ridge is about 0.6 miles and parts of the climb are moderately steep. The exercise is good and the view is worth it. Follow the map below to hike to the most famous bench in Vacaville.

The “hike to the bench” is a well known outdoor hike in town. I grew up living very close to this open space and spent a lot of time there as a youth. I get out a lot less now, but I still enjoy the view every time I’m there.

Where did the bench come from? A neighbor originally constructed it in the 1990s. The original bench became worn and was officially replaced by the City of Vacaville.

If you ever hear anyone in Vacaville talking about hiking to the Browns Valley Bench or simply “The Bench,” now you know what they’re talking about.

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