How to Prevent Algae in Your Pool

A few years ago, we added a pool to our Vacaville home. We’ve loved everything about it!

Well, almost…

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In our second year, we fell victim to an algae bloom which turned our pool green. It was disgusting! Despite our professional pool service, we could not use our pool as we tried to fend off the nasty algae attack.

Then my neighbor (thanks Steve!) told me how his pool hasn’t had algae in years because of Pool RX.

Pool RX is a capsule you place in your pool filter near the beginning of Summer and it prevents algae from taking over your pool for six months. I can attest that it actually works!

I immediately tried Pool RX and have not had a single spore of algae in my pool since (knock on wood!)

Simply place the Pool RX pod in your filter as I explain below and algae will be a thing of the past. It was one of the best investments we’ve ever made as pool owners.

Pool RX comes in different strengths for different sized pools. So be sure you buy the model for your size pool.

As a pool owner, this is one purchase I have not regretted. It’s easy to use and saves so much headache!