A sign at the entrance of Ridgeview Park in Vacaville

Ridgeview Park is a Hidden Browns Valley Gem (Vacaville)

Nestled in suburban Browns Valley is one of Vacaville’s hidden gems. Ridgeview Park’s sprawling field of green and bbq area make it a great place for large gatherings and sporting events for the entire family.

A beautiful sign at the entrance of Ridgeview Park in Vacaville.

Ridgeview Park Amenities

  • Jungle Gym (x2)
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer Field
  • Baseball Backstop
  • BBQ Area
  • Covered Eating Area
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Exercise Stations
  • Walking Path
  • Dog Waste Disposal

Family Gatherings

One of Vacaville’s many public parks, Ridgeview has a combination of amenities that make it a great outing location for large gatherings. It has several outdoor bar-b-que pits and a covered area to gather near the jungle gym.

Outdoor covered eating area with charcoal grilling stations at Ridgeview Park.

Speaking of the jungle gym, there are actually separate play areas for bigger kids and toddlers.

The large jungle gym at Ridgeview park with slides and a net for kids to climb on.
A red jungle gym for toddlers.

Treat family or friends to an outdoor bbq in the park. There are several charcoal grilling stations available to use.

A large charcoal grill in the park.
A small charcoal grill in the park.

Sporting Amenities

Ridgeview Park has a good mix of athletic facilities. There’s a basketball court, soccer field and a backstop for playing baseball. The large open grass area is suitable for a wide range of sports.

A fully paved basketball court.
A white soccer goal in the park.
Wide open grass area inside the large park.

Exercise Stations

Along the walking path that encircles the park are three exercise station and instructions for a circuit workout.

A bench, sign and water fountain at a park.

Start near the drinking fountain and make your way around the park. The stations include monkey bars, parallel bars and a sit-up bench.

A set of parallel bars in the park.

No Restrooms

For a facility with so much to offer for large gatherings, we were surprised to find no restrooms in the park. I suppose that’s something to keep in mind. Being surrounded by a residential area, there aren’t any easy alternatives nearby.

Plenty of Parking

In addition to street parking, there’s a dedicated parking lot with 24 spaces including disabled parking spaces. That’s a lot of parking for a park this size. The only time we imagine parking would ever be an issue is when there’s a sporting event taking place. The local sports league use the park for soccer and baseball games.


Overall Ridgeview Park is a clean and open facility with lots of amenities. Great for dogs and sporting activities, it’s one of Vacaville’s few parks with outdoor covered eating areas and grilling stations. There are play areas for both older kids and toddlers. It’s a great park for all ages.

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