Top Products to Beat the Heat This Summer

It gets hot in Solano County, so here’s our list of products to help stay cool in the summer. The prices range, but each does its job.

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#1 Neck Cooling Fan

Wear one of these rechargeable neck fans to keep your head and neck cool.

Prices vary on these, but this was one of the top picks on Amazon.

#2 Outdoor Misters

Setting up outdoor misters on your patio or deck can keep you and your guests cool in the back yard.

They’re definitely one of the more affordable options, but can take some time to set up.

#3 Cooling Comforter

In the summer, staying cool at night is one of the most difficult and most important parts of getting a good night’s sleep.

My wife and I just tried the REST Evercool Comforter and we are hooked. It lets your body heat escape and leaves you feeling cooler.

We really couldn’t have predicted how well this worked until we tried it.

#4 The Chilipad Cube Bed Cooling System

If you want to take your night time cooling ritual to the next level, the Chilipad is awesome. I first heard about this from Tim Ferriss and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my sleep.

The Chilipad circulates cool water through a pad which rests on top of your mattress. While you sleep, it gets rid of the heat and regulates the mattress temperature.

#5 Portable Air Conditioner

Why cool an entire house if you’re only going to be in one room?

A portable air conditioner can serve to cool the bedroom or be moved to wherever you want it.

Here’s a popular one.

#6 Ice Vest

This is one I haven’t actually tried myself, but the concept seems straight-forward. A vest filled with ice.

On a week like we just had, I may try anything.