A parking sensor installed in a parking space in downtown Vacaville.

Here’s How Much Vacaville Spent on Downtown Parking Sensors

The City of Vacaville spent approximately $350,000 to install parking stall availability sensors in the Downtown area. The project is part of “The Vacaville Downtown Specific Plan” adopted by the city in February 2022.

Vacaville partnered with JAPA, Just a Parking App, in an effort to make parking in the Downtown area more convenient. The app uses sensors installed in each parking stall to inform drivers of available spots. The sensors resemble an oversized hockey puck. The app is free to use and available in both Apple and Android.

According to the city, there are 12 public parking lots and over 850 spaces in the Downtown area. The Vacaville Downtown Specific Plan also allocates some $300,000 to install directional signage to help guide visitors toward public parking and popular destinations.

The Vacaville Downtown Specific Plan doesn’t just address parking. Nearly $7 million has or will be invested in planned improvements. The plan aims to foster a downtown experience that can be recognized as distinctly Vacaville and encourage visitors to the area.

Other improvements include repairing failures along the pathways of Ulatis Creek bank ($1.9 million) and upgrading the LED string lights in the trees along Main Street ($160,000). There are also less glamourous expenditures planned, like rehabbing old sewer lines and outdated mains ($1.7 million).