Vacaville’s Mayor and City Council

The Vacaville City Council is composed of a generally elected mayor and six district councilmembers who serve four-year terms. One councilmember is selected by the group to serve as the Vice-Mayor. The City of Vacaville’s government is a Council-Manager format in which the Council makes general policy decisions and directs a City Manager to carry them out.

Vacaville City Council Election Districts

The City of Vacaville is divided into six election districts with one City Councilmember elected from each district. Councilmembers are required to reside in the district they represent.

a colored map of city council election districts in the City of Vacaville

Here’s an introduction to the current Vacaville Mayor and City Council. Below are more frequently asked questions about the City Council.

Mayor John Carli

John Carli, the Vacaville Mayor

Elected in 2022, Mayor Carli was previously the Vacaville Police Chief and has served within the Police Department since 1989. He also serves on the Solano Transportation Authority, Solano County Water Agency, Vacaville Museum Board of Directors among others.

Mayor Carli can be reached at or by phone at (707) 449-5135.

District One – Roy Stockton

Roy Stockton, Vacaville District 1 Councilmember

Roy Stockton grew up in Vacaville and is currently a sergeant with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office where he’s held a wide range of assignments. He and his wife are also small business owners. Councilmember Stockton serves on the Solano Family First Responders organization and sits on the Public Safety Academy Advisory Committee.

Councilmember Stockton can be reached at or by phone at (707) 432-8928.

District Two – Gregory Ritchie II

Gregory Ritchie II, Vacaville City Councilmember for District two

Gregory Ritchie was was elected in a special election in 2021 and re-elected for a full term in 2022. He grew up in Vacaville and runs a mortgage brokerage company here in town. He is a board member for Kairos Public Schools and volunteers with the Vacaville Veterans Hall American Legion.

Councilmember Ritchie can be reached at or by phone at (707) 337-6713.

District Three – Michael Silva

Vacaville City Councilmember Michael Silva of District three

Michael Silva grew up in Vacaville and was elected to the Council in 2020. He is a professor in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences at Solano College. He has ten years experience working in the healthcare field. Councilmember Silva has held numerous positions on boards of education and represented Vacaville at the state level on the California School Board Association.

Councilmember Silva can be reached at or by phone at (707) 438-5929.

District Four – Sarah Chapman

Vacaville City Councilmember Dr. Sarah Chapman of District four

Dr. Sarah Chapman was elected to the Vacaville City Council in 2022 and has lived in Vacaville for over 43 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a PhD in Public Policy and Administration. She previously served 18 years on the Vacaville School District Board of Trustees and ten years on the governing board for Solano Community College.

Councilmember Chapman can be reached at or by phone at (707) 454-9470.

District Five – Jason Roberts

Vacaville City Councilmember Jason Roberts of District five

Jason Roberts was elected in 2020. He also serves on the Travis Community Consortium, Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee, the Greenbelt Authority and others. He was raised in Fairfield, but chose Vacaville as his home following a 14-year career with the Army. He is a combat veteran with two deployments to Afghanistan. He continues to serve as an officer in the California National Guard.

Councilmember Roberts can be reached at or by phone at (707) 432-8920.

District Six (Vice Mayor) – Jeanette Wylie

Vacaville City Councilmember Jeanette Wylie from District Six

Jeanette Wylie serves as the District Six Councilmember and is the current Vice-Mayor. Her background is in teaching with the Travis Unified School District. She has served on the leadership team for Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church in town.

Vice-Mayor Wylie was elected to the council in 2022. She’s lived in Vacaville since the 1990s and is originally from Missouri.

Vice Mayor Wylie can be reached at or by phone at (707) 432-8929.

All photos of councilmembers are courtesy of the City of Vacaville website.

City Council Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which district I am in and who is my represented councilmember?

Vacaville is divided into six districts, each of which has an elected city councilmember. To find out which district you are in and who your city councilmember is, see this district map.

How long are Vacaville City Councilmembers elected for?

Terms for city councilmembers and the mayor of Vacaville are four years.

How much do Vacaville City Councilmembers get paid?

Each city councilmember in Vacaville receives a monthly salary of $829.

How much does the Mayor of Vacaville get paid?

The Mayor of Vacaville receives a monthly salary of $829.

When does the Vacaville City Council meet?

Vacaville City Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at the Vacaville City Council Chambers.

What are the requirements to run for City Council in Vacaville?

To run for mayor or city council in Vacaville, you must be at least 18 years old, be a citizen of the United States as well as live in and be registered to vote in the district for which you are running. To run for mayor, you must reside in and be registered to vote within incorporated Vacaville city limits. You may not be an employee of the City of Vacaville while holding a City Council position.

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