About Us

This is a website all about Solano County. Created by Brandon and Bronson Stocking in 2023, we are dedicated to sharing all about our home town and surrounding areas.

As the name implies, we hope this community website will serve all of Solano County. Being a small (and free!) site, we are starting with Vacaville.

We created this site because we love the Solano County area. We hope to provide a source of information about the area’s history, happenings, current events and whatever else might be of interest to residents.

Brandon Stocking

I was born, raised and still live in Vacaville. One of my grandfathers started a business here in the 1960s while my other grandfather worked for the Vacaville Police Department. Most of my family is still in this area. I love it here and have enjoyed raising my own family here.

I’m currently in a management position with a Bay Area law enforcement agency (not in Solano County).

Bronson Stocking talking on a cell phone.

Bronson Stocking

I’m a local loan officer working hard to help local homebuyers. I love Solano County!

I have a degree in History and am excited about sharing more about our community’s past and present.

A Vacaville, CA flag flies in the wind over California.

We grew up here and love it

We are third generation Vacaville residents and love everything the area has to offer. The weather, home town feel and proximity to so much are among the many reasons we call Solano County home.

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