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Fairfield School Resource Officer Arrested

On Saturday, March 8th, The Fairfield Police Department (CA) announced one of their officers was arrested the previous day on charges related to inappropriate contact with a minor and child pornography.

Fairfield Police Officer James Louis was assigned as a School Resource Officer at Rodriguez High School. Parents of two female students under the age of 18 notified the Fairfield Police Department of inappropriate text messages and photos being exchanged between Officer Louis and their daughters.

Officer James Louis

Fairfield Police said they were made aware of the messages on Friday, March 7th. An outside investigation was conducted by the Solano County District Attorney’s Major Crimes Task Force. The following day, Officer Louis was booked into Solano County Jail on the following charges:

288.2 PC – Sending, distributing or exhibiting harmful or obscene material to a minor (under age 18);

288.3 PC – Contacting or communicating with a minor (under 18) with the intent to commit a sex crime;

311.2 PC – Knowingly transporting, duplicating or possessing child pornography or other obscene material with the intent to distribute or show it to others.

The Fairfield Police Department said the officer has been placed on leave in addition to the arrest. While they say they can’t provide additional details about the ongoing investigation, they released the following statement:

“This department holds our officers and professional staff to the highest standard of care, and we are simultaneously disappointed, infuriated, and saddened by this information.

This department values the trust instilled in us by our community, not only to keep you safe, but to keep your children safe. Acts like these violate that trust, are wholly inexcusable, and fail to exemplify what Fairfield Police Department stands for.”

– Fairfield Police Department

A search of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Locator did not show anyone named James Louis in custody as of Sunday March 10th.

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